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When Cases Collapse (x±)

Published on 6th September 2016

Joseph S R de Saram (JSRDS)

Information Security Architect / Intelligence Analyst / Computer Scientist / Human Rights Activist / COMSEC / SIGINT / TSCM

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National Crime Agency (“NCA”)

‘Tough Tess’ (aka The Rt Hon Theresa May MP, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland) was responsible for the National Crime Agency’s doors opening in October 2013. Well, as they were dubbed as the UK’s answer to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (“FBI”) I suppose it was more the opening of other people’s doors!

I have a healthy respect for the hardworking, professional police officers whose lives are risked every day in the line of duty to save Average Joe’s like you and me. But I dislike Tess because of her legislation regarding mass electronic surveillance which effectively destroys Fundamental Human Rights and also reverses burden of proof and ‘innocent until proven guilty’. Jack Straw was another one of them and I am always having Politically-motivated issues!

However I have to say that the NCA fails to match the competence of the FBI due to a whole host of systemic problems that the NCA has failed to eradicate. Some of these deficiencies have been inherited from NCIS and SOCA, and the rest are as a direct result of the ‘need to meet targets by whatever means, fair or foul’.

The investigative process is wholly deficient and the main issue is that there is no real handle on the judicial processes used to obtain information. Europol and Interpol need to send someone to train them properly at the very least.

Many NCA cases come to mind and these are typically money-laundering, tax-related, or involve HMRC and the SFO.

Taxpayers facing a £13million bill after 'Britain's FBI' bungled raid

Scandal-hit National Crime Agency was created to be UK's FBI equivalent Forced to apologies to the businessmen after the bungled raid on homes NCA is now being sued over the damage it caused in failed investigation....

Satish Chatwani and Ors

My favourite case, for reasons which will become apparent, relates to the Chatwani Brothers and two of their business associates. I understand that they are Affluent Asians who were extremely successful in their endeavours. What’s wrong with that? Well apparently, that means you are doing something illegal. I got that all the time actually, due to my cool blue Ferrari F355 F1 when I lived in London in my 20s in the 90s.

However, ‘ignorance by the NCA of how hardworking, intelligent Asians generate tremendous wealth’ was ‘probable cause’ to obtain a search warrant and then away they went, kicking down doors with tens of officers swooping on a particular location.

Please read this article from November 2015 in detail:-

Revealed: National Crime Agency In Crisis Over Unlawful Searches

Britain's elite crime-fighting agency has admitted it may have been searching properties and seizing evidence unlawfully for almost a decade because of glaring "systemic" failings in the way it applies for legal permission to conduct its operations....

But that was not the NCA’s main focus; it was a fraud to get surveillance devices planted into the property, so that when the brothers returned they would discuss the outrageous behaviour and hopefully say something at THAT point which would incriminate themselves, which would ONLY THEN lead to the ACTUAL ‘probable cause’.

As it happened the plan would have worked if not for the astute Asian businessmen getting a bug-sweep of the location and then discovering the newly-planted devices!

When that occurred, the NCA rushed back and perverted the course of justice even further by removing them physically from the building and invoking damage limitation protocols swiftly.

But the case was irreparably tainted and collapse was the only viable option. A colleague of mine, Karen Todner, handled this case and the NCA farce was obviously fraudulent with a malicious prosecution planned, as opposed to simple negligence.

There are certain key signatures of that which has happened to me which are the same, and form a nexus via extremely unusual [flawed] modus operandi.

Relevance and LinkedIn Posts

These are a list of my recent posts, and they were written for a reason. The first post was about working with Law Enforcement and mentions my chance meeting with an officer from SO13, who are involved in following the money trail.

Can I Get a Witness?

Twenty-Four years ago I became involved with the UK Metropolitan Police Service - this is the short version of how I developed an interest in Law Enforcement. The date was 28 April 1992 and I was only a 20yr old 1st Year Medical Student at University College London Medical School...

The next one related to cryptographic technology that I have co-authored which can secure communications, albeit with sunk costs and stuck on the launchpad after spending USD 40 million:-

DARPA should ask DISA

I read an article today about the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) wanting " a public wall anyone can monitor or post messages on, but only correct people can decrypt". First and foremost who determines who the 'correct people' are? Does the United States still think it owns the Internet?...

After that came the post about the Kangaroo Courts in Australia who are giving ridiculous amounts of assistance to a pair of Melbourne Fraudsters, Margaret Cunniffe and David Brown as well as their merry band of disciples.

Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport

Historically, we have not commented on current or proposed litigation for reasons obvious enough. But when there is blatant Perversion of the Course of Justice, only a fool would remain silent. [The following is the plain-English, summarised version, and the precise one will be published in due course.]...

After that came my post about how Ray Callingham, an accountant colleague from the UK came to see me, and was trying to get me to incriminate myself! And of course him trying to deceive me into signing the HMRC form – I did, but still have the original! But I am sure it was faxed with the ‘original to come’ to clear/access freight! When the original was not provided it caused a massive problem for them…

You've Been Framed!

In the 1990s in the UK, there used to be a TV show called 'You've Been Framed' with host Jeremy Beadle. People would send in VHS videotapes of their funny events caught on camera and hopefully get 10 pounds or something if they were one of the favourites each week...

The next post was about how a couple of days after Ray’s departure, Edward de Saram (“idiot”) showed up with devices emitting electromagnetic frequencies, and using his gaslighting techniques (which I naturally reacted to) to then have me assaulted and unlawfully put into a mental facility whilst my house was ransacked, destroying evidence I would use in my defence…

Sins of the Father

On Thursday 17 December 2015 my residence in Sri Lanka was broken into by Edward Marcion Ranjit de Saram and I was brutally assaulted, forcibly removed from my house without any type of legal process and then incarcerated in some private psychiatric facility he chose for reasons that he fabricated...

After that I explained how I am an expert in electronic surveillance and I knew exactly what was going on in terms of planting and destruction of evidence etc…

MI5 Put Me IN Business

I read an interesting article today about Mass Electronic Surveillance and was pleased that a fellow Fellow Kevin Cahill FBCS CITP has the courage to stand up for all of us...

The next one was about my clandestine work involving the design of banking systems that were used for money laundering…

Dirty Cash!

This is the short version of how I became involved in designing financial systems for fake banks run by governments, which actually opened accounts for criminals and encouraged them to launder money. I founded Rhodium PLC in June 1995. It was a UK firm and was effectively my 'vehicle for trading'...

And the latest one demonstrates that evidence was actually destroyed by electromagnetic pulses / microwave radiation!

Every Breath You Take

From around 2006 onwards I became involved in securing communications for various projects involving Directed Energy Weapons. This post is primarily about the quite bizarre way valuable intellectual property and evidence relating to various cases, was destroyed in late 2015, and how I can easily identify what's going on thanks to operational experience...


I have previously referred to a staged accident in Sri Lanka on 22 October 2015 in which the inter-vertebral discs between C3-C4, and between C4-C5, were dislocated and crushed part of my spinal cord. This is known as an Acute Spinal Cord Injury, and it was thankfully simply a contusion rather than a transection. This caused breathing issues as well as muscular weakness in my arms and shoulders and it facilitated more thefts by parties in my house.

No Ordinary Accident

On 22 October 2015 I was involved in a completely staged Road Traffic Accident. The accounts of people who witnessed the event are ENTIRELY INCONSISTENT with Forensic Evidence (Video and Magnetic Resonance Images) of the accident and/or injuries sustained by me...

A lot of effort went into getting me out of the house and accessing my evidence. Upon returning to my house a week later I found it had been rewired with wireless cameras and mics. Ironically this is EXACTLY what the Chatwani Brothers experienced when they were whisked off under ‘theatrical’ arrests.

However, unlike them I did not need to get an expert in Technical Surveillance Countermeasures because I AM AN EXPERT myself! However the diversion of having my neck broken to gain fraudulent access to documents is utterly disgraceful, so expect a massive damages claim!

Then Edward de Saram turned up, had me assaulted and detained in a mental facility. During this time, 10 terabytes of data, intellectual property worth millions of dollars, and items I would obviously use in my defence AND also that relating to the perpetrator’s fraud were destroyed – how handy is that? Fraudulently obtained documents are not covered by LPP and even the Chatwanis claim ‘assault and battery’ in one of their pleadings.

The Wragge logs were destroyed several times but I never gave up hope of locating them somewhere…

Their link to Birmingham as well as Birmingham Magistrates Court, who just seem to be issuing warrants without ascertaining how they are being obtained fraudulently, remind me of the fraudulent judgement of David Brown / Margaret Cunniffe, and their fraud that almost EVERYONE has bought into.

The electronic destruction of evidence must be a classic – what documents can I now produce in ‘discovery’ exactly? Copies of immunity agreements, names of parties and structures have been destroyed. I have tried unsuccessfully to retrieve the data off the two 1Tb SSDs in the Asus G75VX laptop but it is virtually impossible. If there were HDDs instead I reckon I could have succeeded.

I always have a lot of things to say but now I cannot thanks to the actions of others, and those entirely beyond my control. Over-zealous clowns have themselves ensured that they will find it impossible to succeed in a case against me, given the fact that at every turn there has been some perversion of the course of justice by law enforcement, witnesses, lawyers and/or investigators themselves.

Sadly this is what happens when people delude themselves into thinking they have a case – sure they have their fancy vehicles, human and financial resources. But just like a game of chess, intellect determines the eventual winner even if his opponent has better pieces throughout the game.

So now I am preparing an absolutely massive claim against all parties concerned and the damages claim will be massive – certainly a case of going from Wragges to Riches 🙂

Joseph S R de Saram (JSRDS)

Information Security Architect / Intelligence Analyst / Computer Scientist / Human Rights Activist / COMSEC / SIGINT / TSCM

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